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Virgin Islands Demographics & Statistical Information:

Trade Market Population

  • St Thomas 52,000 residents
  • St. John 5,000 residents
  • Tortola 17,000 residents

Tourism is the largest industry and the major source of income and employment.

  • 2 million plus visitors per year to the Virgin Islands
  • $4 billion annually in total economic impact
  • East End of St. Thomas is the fastest growing market
  • 93% of the tourists travel from the mainland US (northeastern in particular)
  • Approximately 1,200 hotel rooms located within 2 miles from Red Hook / East End
  • Hotel guests spend an average of $212.00 per day on meals, shopping and entertainment while vacationing in the territory.

Newly inaugurated St. John & British Virgin Islands ferry terminal right across from East End Plaza

  • 1.4 million passengers pass thru the terminal going to/from St. John on a yearly basis
  • Approximately 150,000 passengers per day 1/3 local and 2/3 tourists
  • 66% of the air visitors spending an average of 7 days in the USVI travel by ferry to the neighboring British Virgin Islands

East End Plaza has positioned itself on a prime location to attract the majority of the island tourists in addition to providing an extremely needed service to the local population of the US and British Virgin Islands.

To access detailed statistical information click here for the Bureau of Economic Research website.

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American Yacht Harbour