Anchor Tenants

FirstBank currently operates a total of 127 service facilities throughout Puerto Rico, the Caraibbean, and Florida and is the largest consumer and commercial bank in the Virgin Islands and the second largest commercial bank in Puerto Rico with assets surpassing $18.8 billion.
Scotiabank - which celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2007 and has close to 57,000 employees worldwide, operates 5 branches in St. Thomas.
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East End Plaza
A Prime Location

East End Plaza has positioned itself on a prime location to attract the majority of the island tourists in addition to providing an extremely needed service to the local population of the US and British Virgin Islands.

It's located directly across from the new St. John & British Virgin Islands ferry terminal, through which 1.4 million pass through each year going to St. John. 66% of the air visitors spending an average of 7 days in the USVI travel by ferry to the neighboring British Virgin Islands.


Prime Location

Phase II - Hotel

East End Plaza's vision is to develop a franchise operated hotel that is connected to the commercial center by means of the ground floor with or without a swimming pool. Thus providing the hotel with the desired added amenities such as shops, car rental, restaurants and other services expected by tourists around the world.

Phase II

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